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Artemis Sportswear Proposal Comm/215 August 4th, 2014 Artemis Sportswear Proposal Artemis Sportswear is a non-profit company, specializing in the creation, marketing and production of sporting goods and apparel, the company also offers its own line of Wines. Artemis donates and raises money for charities and organizations with the help of some hockey legends, such as Jason Zent. Although Artemis is a non-profit company, this does not mean that they would not benefit from both cost reduction and increase in profits. Artemis offers a host of services to clients from guidance with product creation all the way to the marketing and sales of the products. They have many opportunities within their company to increase their profits; from…show more content…
While cutting budget cost is important, current employee happiness should be the upmost priority, and according to one study (Streimikiene, 2009), job satisfaction has gone down dramatically in the United States over the years. Having unsatisfied employees lowers productivity and raises the turnaround rate, contributing to costly rises in operational costs within the Human resources department. Human resources are significant and crucial part of the company’s success; they budget the company's spending habits and negotiate better rates for employee benefits, including health care coverage. This department also ensures that the company is running smoothly by resolving conflict amongst employees or between employees and management. Anything that pertains to employees or managers is managed by the human resource department. This particular part of the business is responsible for so much that the changes that can be made need to simplify the process, like changing from the typical paper-based system to Human Resource Information System. This program stores and review resumes and job applications that are sent into the company. Human Resource Information System can merge interview scheduling with manager availabilities to schedule interviews with minimal time and energy being spent, reducing labor costs slightly. When the program is merged with payroll, it can update pay rates, raises or approve overtime.

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