Arterial Line Simulation Analysis

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The arterial line is one of the main procedures in intensive care units (ICU).which need highly skilled and knowledgeable nurses to initiate and maintain it. The health care workers in ICU have to know, how initiate and maintain the arterial line. The best way to improve health care work performance is the education, which help to improve experience and knowledge level. The education is very important for all health care workers especially for the new employer.
Simulation is usually using to training the health care workers. In simulation education, they provide scenarios close to reality scenarios and request from the trainees to deal with these scenarios and problems as they under real situation(Munshi, Lababidi, & Alyousef, 2015). Simulation
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There are three types of simulation and they are, Low-fidelity simulation Intermediate-fidelity simulation and High-fidelity simulation (HFS) is help to experiential learning using life-size manikins with actual physiological responses, and sophisticated interactive ability in realistic scenarios. Students can make, detect and correct patient care errors without negative consequences(Nagle, McHale, Alexander, & French, 2009). High-fidelity simulation help to support the trainees confidence and competence from the theory to the clinical environment. (Bambini, Washburn, & Perkins, 2009)The simulations support discussions among the trainees, which concern on different aspects of their professional practice, and could improve the achievement and improve of clinical skills. HFS help to improve team collaboration and communication in the training program ((Birkhoff & Donner, 2010; Ling, Xiaohong, & Xiaoping,…show more content…
Due to the technique replaces and simulate real experiences and is close to reality. Clinical simulation help to the trainees to deal with safe environment which help them on deal with real situation to improve their skills and knowledge (Nagle, McHale, & French, 2009). This essay will analytically explore and review the effectiveness of simulation-based learning, and the best simulation-based strategies, in terms of types, components, and educational approaches to use for educating about initiate the arterial line and care about it on ICU for graduate
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