Arthropods Lab Report

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Universal Statement: There 5 classes of Arthropods. There are the Myriapods, Trilobites, Chelicerates, Crustaceans, and Insects. The Myriapods are many footed and have one to two pairs of appendages per body segment. They are the centipedes and millipedes. Trilobites are extinct and we only have their fossils. Chelicerates are the Arachnids and anything with eight legs. Crustaceans are the crabs and anything with ten or more legs. The insects are the ones with 3 pairs of legs and body regions. They all have a segmented body plan, exoskeleton composed of chitin, bilateral symmetry, and paired jointed appendages. In our lab we were trying to identify and label the internal and external anatomy of a grasshopper from the class insecta. 1 Re-do
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