Arthur Ashe

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Arthur Ashe Tennis Paper I wrote this paper on Arthur Ashe because I wanted to learn something about the history of tennis and how it has evolved over the years. I looked up tennis history online and found the best way to do this was by writing a paper concerning the life, career, and impact that one man, Arthur Ashe, has had on tennis. Ashe was a skinny African American kid who loved reading books and listening to music. He grew up in Richmond, Virginia with his parents. As a young boy, only six years old, his mother passed away. He used his mother's memory as his inspiration in life. Arthur found a unique excitement for playing tennis. However, due to segregation, he was excluded from playing at any of the local tennis clubs…show more content…
In 1970, to bring world attention against apartheid, he called for South Africa to be expelled from the International Lawn Tennis Federation and was denied a request for a visa to go to South Africa. Finally, in 1973 South Africa allowed Ashe, the first black pro ever, to play in its national championship. Arthur's activism for civil rights never ceased. In 1992, he protested the expulsion of Haitian refugees and was arrested in front of the White House. For Arthur, it was more than personal glory and individual accolades, rather it was the knowledge that his status as an elite tennis player afforded him a unique and worldwide platform to speak out about inequities, both in the tennis world and society as a whole (< >). Arthur Ashe has done more for tennis than any other player in USLTA or USTA history. He used his public status not to glorify himself, but to promote positive changes in both tennis and society. Arthur Ashe needed special qualities to become a tennis champion, and these qualities ended up giving us much more than just memories of an extraordinary athlete; it gave us an extraordinary
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