Arthur Bauer Character Analysis

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Arthur Bauer was hanging out with his friend Erik Fisher. He knew that he would be unpopular if he did not obey Erik. Recently, Arthur even killed a man named Luiz Cruz. He always hated to carry out these evil plans, but he felt forced to do it to protect his status. The first thing that Erik got Arthur to do was to make fun of the death of his old friend, Mike Costello. “Ha! Do you remember the picture of his face! Priceless!” Erik laughed. “Pretty soon we’ll get to see the close up!” “Remember how it happened! That swing was Perfect!” Arthur responded. ”Pretty soon I might become a baseball player!” “Are you ready for this?” “Yes” Hurriedly, Arthur put on a gas mask and walked through the door. He always felt awful about robbing the people…show more content…
For example, he will steal only to impress people. The huge problem with that was that once he started he couldn’t stop. Through this, he would cause the people who he robbed to feel enraged, confused and betrayed. One of the people who was robbed took out a shotgun and sat on his porch waiting for someone to try again. Another example of Erik’s insecurity includes laughing at death, because he would never reveal his true feelings for fear of being perceived as weak. When Erik saw a great football player who was struck by lightning all he did was laugh, while his brother Paul wept for this person that he barely even…show more content…
Whenever his parents look at him they see an angel sent from heaven above. When they turn their backs, he kills, robs, and laughs at those who passed away like a demon sent from below. Even if his father found out about that, he would still find a way to make excuses for or ignore Erik’s behavior. Paul can’t even bring himself to tell his parents about all the evil acts that Erik has done in his life. That said, Paul is still angry and hurt that his brother is never caught or discovered. There are a number of traits that a villain can embody. Erik has shown himself to be insecure, cruel, and even deceitful. Though some people may think he is insane because of the terrible behavior, others may say that he knew what he was doing. A wise man named Scott Alexander once said, “All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy. “ Erik has gone down the easy path and has chosen to stay there... forever.

It can be argued that Erik is mentally ill because he doesn’t know what he’s doing and just isn’t sane in the choices he creates.
While people would be correct in saying that, they are ignoring the fact that the mentally ill act without thinking which is only done by the
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