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Arthur C. Clarke was born in 1917 in Minehead, Somerset. His mother was Nora Clarke and his father was Charles Wright Clarke. He had two brothers, Frederick and Michael and one sister, Mary. There were many events that helped to shape him and his writing style. The first major event in his early life was his first plane ride. He went on a Avro 504 biplane with his mother in 1927, this ride remained in his mind forever, and as he progressed as a writer it fueled his science fiction from jet-planes to space travel. Soon thereafter in 1928 Arthur read his first science fiction magazine. At the young age of twelve he began to develop his almost fanatic obsession with Science Fiction. This forever curved his path towards writing Science …show more content…
This gave him the base of knowledge, which he used to understand space and underlay many of his fiction works with true physics of movement. Other important events in 1946 include his election to Chairmanship of the British Interplanetary Society and his meeting of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein. In 1948 he graduated college with first class honors. He then attended University College for post-graduate studies in Astronomy. This further reinforced his knowledge of space and helped allow him to write the myriad of non-fiction books about space that he has written. In June of 1952 his book, The Exploration of Space is sold for some 50,000 dollars, this marks a turning point in his career as being known to only a select few to becoming widely known. He appeared on "The Today Show" that same month. He also meets Robert Bloch "Psycho" and E. E. "Doc" Smith at the American Science Fiction convention. In June of 1953 Clarke is married to Marilyn Torgenson. This marriage lasts only until the Christmas of the same year. This is portrayed through the marriages in his books showing fluctuations in stability, though most marriages in his books do not end. In 1998 Clarke was knighted, an honor reserved to those who have made a significant impact on the world in some way. (www.lsi.usp) Clarke also is the chancellor of
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