Arthur Conan Doyle

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“People who are in earnest are always interesting, whether you agree with them or not” (The Chronicles). Doyle may be known as the author of Sherlock Holmes, but there are other facets to his life. On account of some strange events that occurred, Doyle was persuaded into thinking that spiritual beings existed. As Doyle’s career advanced he drew the attention of many to himself. He succeeded both by gaining supporters and detractors. He built on his fame by giving lectures. These aspects of his life are connected; his painful childhood led him to a successful medical career where his writing and life partner stepped into the picture. These aspects, when combined, led Doyle to a new world view of spiritualism.
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One time, one of the clients asked Doyle to solve a case in which they believed their house was haunted (Taylor). Doyle could not find any clue as to what was causing phenomena in that house. He then became more intrigued and started to believe in the existence of spiritual beings. “Doyle seems to have considered these stories a distraction from his more serious writing, eventually grew tired of them.” (Doyle, Sir) He killed off Holmes and started writing books about his belief in spiritualism. He became unpopular with fans, and his new book did not receive much attention. The editor of the company asked Doyle to continue writing Sherlock Holmes novels no matter how much the cost would be. Doyle could not resist. Not only did Doyle write detective novels but also other genres such as beliefs, horror, adventure, etc. Doyle wrote many books revealing his beliefs but these books did not gain many readers. Even as a married man, Doyle had a secret relationship with a young woman who later became a major influence over his spiritualism belief. During his years as a doctor, Doyle married one of his patient's sisters; sweet Louisa Hawkins. They were a happy couple until Doyle met with Jean Leckie; it was love at first sight. Doyle was torn between loyalty to his wife and the struggle to meet with Leckie. He was afraid to break Louisa’s heart, therefore he kept his affair from her for ten years until her death of illness. (the Chronicles). A year later,

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