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Charles Brockden Brown's novel, Arthur Mervyn, has been read by people across America from the late eighteenth century up until today. Brown targeted many audiences in this novel but there is one in particular that not only had an impact on people then, but can still captivate many in today's society. That specific group involves people who are fighting an incurable illness, such as the Yellow Fever, as described in the book. Although it was written in the late 1700's, people in the twenty-first century can still relate to the characters in the book, and understand what they were feeling at that time. The goal of this paper is to show that Brown's main intended audience was towards the incurably sick and that even over two hundred …show more content…
I felt as if I inhaled a poisonous and subtle fluid...some fatal influence seemed to seize upon my vitals; and the work of corrosion and decomposition to be busily begun" (144). People often times make assumptions about things when they don't really know what is going on. This is still the case in today's time, when people assume the cause is one thing when it could be something completely different. Mervyn seemed to know at this point that he was destined to die. Most of the fever victims had no hopes of living once they contracted the illness. He later found sanctuary in the home of Welbeck, in hopes of breathing his last there, stating, "All I sought was the privilege of dying alone" (182).

The Yellow Fever is no different than many incurable diseases that we are fighting in today's society, such as AIDS, Hepatitis A&B, Herpes, certain Cancers, Ebola and the Killer Flu. When a person contacts some incurable disease, they must learn to live the rest of their lives with it, no matter how long that may be. Victims of these diseases can read Arthur Mervyn and relate to the way that the victims of the Yellow Fever felt; the only thing left to look forward to in life is death. Scientists today still haven't found cures for so many of these diseases, just like the physicians in Arthur

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