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Of the list of American playwrights the one I thought I would find most interesting is Arthur Miller. Being relatively familiar with some of his work I wanted to learn more about him. Through the research I have done I have been able to find some very interesting information about Miller's work as well as his personal life.
Arthur Miller was born in New York on October 17, 1915. His father, Isidore Miller, was a ladies-wear manufacturer and shopkeeper whose business was ruined in the Great Depression. This obviously had a huge impact on the family's financial situation which in turn had a strong influence on Miller. The family was forced to move to a small frame house in Brooklyn, which is said
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Miller's work eventually made it to Broadway starting with The Man Who Had all the Luck in 1944. It closed after four performances. Three years later he returned to Broadway producing All My Sons, the story of a factory owner who sells faulty aircraft parts during World War II. It won the New York Drama Critics Circle Award. This being his first major award, his work would continue to receive critical acclaim for years, however there would still be ups and downs.
Arthur Miller's work varied over the next several years. In 1944 Arthur toured Army camps to collect background material for his screenplay The Story of GI Joe. Miller also wrote his first novel, Focus (1945), which was a story about anti-Semitism. In 1949 Miller's Death of a Salesman brought him international fame. This became probably one of his most well known pieces of work as well as a major achievement of modern American theatre. Death of a Salesman is a story about the quest for the American Dream. The salesman, Willy Loman, is a man of pride who is not the great success that he claims to be to his family and friends. Due to the postwar economic boom he looses his job and goes into a downward spiral. He begins to hallucinate about significant events from his past and eventually he comes to the conclusion that he is worth more dead than alive. Willy kills himself in his car, hoping that the insurance money will support his family

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