Arthur Miller Research Essay

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December 2, 2012 Arthur Miller Research Essay Arthur Miller was an American playwright who wrote plays such as “The Crucible” and “Death of a Salesman” because he thought theatre could change the world. He wrote his works based on friends, his own life, and family. People believed he was a man of integrity and a hero because of the ways he portrayed himself. He was born in 1915 in Harlem, New York and raised in a very wealthy household by his parents, Isidore and Augusta Miller. After high school Miller worked lots of jobs to save up enough money to attend the University of Michigan, where he wrote his first paper that turned into his first play, called “No
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Arthur Miller wrote many plays in his time, but one in particular, written in 1947 and directed in Beijing in 1983, was the “play that established him as a great American playwright” called “Death of a Salesman”. This play was about the difference between a New York family’s life in reality and what they dreamed it would be. An old man, by the name of Willy valued popularity and his friends way more than skills or even a real personality. His goal was to die a man that had all of these things, and he ends up killing himself in the end. Miller’s goal was to “take the audience on an internal journey through the mind, memories, fears, anxieties of his central character.” “Death of A Salesman” has been very popular for over a decade, performed internationally, and was even produced into movies (Kristofoletti). Many people remember this play because of how inspiring it was, also because it did not compare to any other of the ones he had ever written. Arthur Miller’s second best play was “The Crucible” which premiered in 1953. This play was definitely harder for Miller to write. He took his time on this and wrote it in twelve months. It was a reflection of the Salem Witch Trials that he read about during his time. He found his subject after reading “W. Upham's 1867 two-volume study of the 1692 Salem witch trials” and wrote it after “watching the filming of the new movie of ‘The Crucible’”. This novel was about the people of Salem, how they felt, and what was
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