Arthur Miller 's Death Of A Salesman

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In “Death of A Salesman,” Arthur Miller takes a view about the usually positive value people put on success. By examining Willy’s downfall, we can see Miller is arguing how the fallacy of success crafts the amiss dreams. Miller displays how the constant mania to maintain the image of success destroys the concept of American Dream for ordinary people like Willy. Miller portrays Willy as a hard-working exhausted man, “I’m tired to the death” (1557). Willy expends enormous amounts of time and energy pursuing the money because he thinks it will improve his well-being and make him happy. In his visions, Willy constantly sees his older brother – Ben, who has fantastically grown rich on the diamonds mines in Africa. For Willy, his brother is…show more content…
Sources of his situation are sheltered in the past. Biff constantly followed his father’s orienteer that charm and good look are the only tickets to promising future and success. But once he didn’t pass math exam, Biff in despair rushes to his dad and finds him in the room with another woman. Exactly at this moment, Biff’s world falls apart, all his values are wiped out. Willy was his role model, Biff sincerely trusted him, but suddenly he finds out that his dad always lied. Biff, in contrast to his dad, adequately perceives himself. He doesn’t create any illusions. He learned from the high school experience that very rarely one finds himself at the pinnacle of achievement because of the good appearance, happenstance or good fortune, or by “winging it.” Simultaneously, he realizes how unfortunate his dad who keeps on chasing false values, ideas, and dreams. For nearly forty years his dad worked as a sales representative, believing that his charm, jokes, and smile will lay him a way to a worthy old age. Nevertheless, with age it becomes harder and harder to attract new clients, “Willy, you never averaged,” - Howard tells him, and “business is business” (1591) – Willy was fired from the company as unnecessary thing. Biff understands that his dad simply dreamed to repeat success of uncle Ben who has grown rich in Africa in the period of diamond fever. However, Willy refuses to go with Ben to do
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