Arthur Miller 's Death Of A Salesman

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The American In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, the main character is Willy Loman a lifelong traveling salesman. Willy is in his early sixties and there is no doubt he has had a long life with the occupation he chose for himself some years ago. It seems as if Willy is doing well for himself as well as his family from any outsider, however, what happens behind the scenes is a completely different story. Constantly borrowing from a fellow friend Willy finds himself in a black hole of debt. Arthur Miller’s given situation of Willy Loman’s life is somewhat of an ugly truth to many people around the world. Everyday life for people seems normal for most people, however, the world population goes through problems just as Willy did throughout the play. From fighting for what is considered the American dream, trying to live up to a more successful person, losing a job or even being in debt. The ugly truth Arthur Miller defines throughout the play can be compared several different ways when it comes to Willy Loman’s life. For instance, one theme throughout the story is the American dream. It is the one thing that all people wish to have. The American dream can be things such as “buying a home, getting married, having children, getting a college degree and retiring” (Kane). Although most of these things are actually common and relatively easy to come by when you are an American, “21 percent feel the American dream is an antiquated concept” (Kane). This statistic shows how people
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