Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge Essay

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Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge

'A View from the Bridge' is a story of Eddie Carbone an Italian longshoreman working on the New York docks. He is an immigrant who has worked hard to bring up his wife's niece, Catherine. His wife, Beatrice, is close to Eddie but the relationship between them is not good as they have been through a bad patch and have not had sex for some time. Eddie is too close to Catherine and is over protective about her. He loves her like she were his girlfriend and he does not like any men, getting involved or looking at her. However, things are about to change when his wife's cousins, Marco and Rodolpho, seek refuge as illegal immigrants from Sicily. It is the Sicilian
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Immediately, Beatrice enters the sitting room with her hand clasped at her breast. Beatrice sits down weak from tension. Beatrice asks Eddie if they will be all right. Eddie explains to Beatrice that they will be fine. Suddenly Beatrice panics since she was not expecting Marco and Rodolpho till next Thursday and was intending to clean the house. Beatrice all of a sudden realises that she had not prepared food for Marco and Rodolpho. Eddie calms Beatrice down and says that she has such a heart that he will end up on the floor for the night. Catherine reminds Beatrice that she has to say her news to Eddie. Beatrice sits Eddie down for dinner then tells him that Catherine has got a job as a secretary at a big plumbing company over Nostrand Avenue. Eddie disapproves; he says that Catherine has to finish school first and that he does not like the neighbourhood over there. Beatrice explains to Eddie that there's no problem and convinces him to allow Catherine to work. They all sit together and begin to eat. Catherine confirms that Marco and Rodolpho will arrive at ten o' clock. She then asks Eddie that, suppose someone knew Marco and Rodolpho were living in their house. Eddie explains to Catherine and Beatrice that they should never tell anyone that Marco and Rodolpho were staying in their house even if they saw them. Eddie then tells Catherine about a boy called Vinny Bolzano and an event,
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