Arthur Miller's Influence On American Theater

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A life of fame, luxury, and well known plays, this was unquestionably the life of Arthur Miller who is one of America’s well known playwrights of the twentieth century. His impact on American theater is still recognized today and will continue to be looked at for years to come. However Miller will not only be recognized by his plays, but by his high profile marriage, his work in politics and the list goes on. Arthur miller is viewed through American literature by his life, literary works, and impact on American theater. Born in New York City, New York on October 17, 1915, by two Polish immigrants Isidore and Augusta Miller. In Millers early years, his father was a successful business owner providing a luxury life for his family. Due to the start of the great depression in the late 1920’s, his business collapsed and this had a big impact on Millers life. Centola stats in a biography, “This sudden collapse of the familiar world was a crucial experience in Miller’s life, and he would later frequently draw on the tensions that were created by that severe economic crisis in his writings” (Centola). After high school miller will eventually attended the University of Michigan in 1934, this is where Millers playwriting career began. “There, in addition to engaging in occasional journalistic efforts, he effectively launched his playwriting career; by the time he graduated with a BA in 1938, he had seen his own dramas performed and had received several honors” (Centola). After
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