Arthur Miller's The Crucible Essay

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Arthur Miller's "The Crucible"

'The Crucible' was written by Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller was brought before a committee in 1956 to answer charges of 'communist sympathy' and to name the people he had had meetings with up to twenty years before. Liberal writer, film directors, actors and actresses were all called before the committee. The committee often had lists of names of people who had attended meetings yet they still forced witnesses to recite names, to see if they would comply and give the right names.
This action and others performed by the committee lead Arthur miller to associate his treatment and the treatment of others with the witchcraft trails that had taken place in Salem, Massachusetts, USA, two centuries
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Within the first few minutes of the dialog, unnatural causes for
Betty's illness are mentioned. The audience is automatically compelled and prepares for a bewitching play. As this is going on, Parris,
Betty's father, becomes very secretive about the causes of betty's illness, and the audience associated Parris with a man who is very conscious of his reputation, and what other people think, and have to say about him, and also one of the leading roles. Abigail reveals there have been rumours of witchcraft, the audience becomes more and more enthralled and fascinated by what is going on.

From the beginning it is apparent to the audience that Abigail is lying to her uncle, and at times it is even blatant. She delivers excuse after excuse, as if it had been practised, to convince Parris of their 'innocent dancing'. The audience is able to conclude that
Abigail is a very skilled fabricator, and that this will undoubtedly lead to trouble.

Mrs Putnam eventually enters, and tells that her daughter is also ill.
She says her daughter flew, Abigail denies it. Mrs Putnam reveals that seven of her babies have died at birth and Ruth, her ill daughter, is the only one surviving. She says that Tituba, Parris' slave can speak to the dead and she had asked her to speak to her dead babies and out who murdered her babies, saying 'but who else may
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