Arthur Radley Personality

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In fifteen years, he had not been seen or heard from. In the novel to ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ the character of Arthur Radley is as quite mysterious one. Being locked up in his house for the longest time, you must think he’d be a crazy by this point. But Arthur Radley is just misunderstood You never really get to have any other point of view of him, then what the children think of him. You never really see any of him, only hear about him through the mouths of the children. How did Arthur get here anyway? Is he some how related to Tom Robinson? Got along with the wrong crowd, made some bad decisions and ended up being locked up in his house for years and years. For resisting arrest, he was to be sent away to state industrial school. 'It (the industrial school) was no prison and it was no disgrace. Mr. Radley thought it was.' (To Kill a Mockingbird, chapter 1, page, 10) He made a promise that his son would not give any more trouble if he was released and the judge agreed. No one saw Arthur Radley again for a whopping fifteen years At the age of thirty-three now he had been claimed to have stabbed his father with scissors, but when the police arrived he found him just sitting there cutting up the ‘tribune’ No Radley was to go to a mental asylum. Arthur wasn’t crazy or a criminal so there he stayed in the courthouse from then until they decided if he didn’t go home, he’d die of mold from the damp. So back home he went and the darkness of the house took him and
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