Arthur Was The Last To Leave The Room Before Ianto And

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Arthur was the last to leave the room before Ianto and Merlin. He grabbed the latter 's shoulder in silent support for a moment. "After all of this is over the three of us will travel to the Valley of the Fallen Kings, so you can visit the centre of magic and check all is alright", Arthur 's whispered words were met with a look of barely concealed emotions and a touch of raw fear. "Don 't worry, old friend. Your secret is safe with Gwaine and me." He kept Merlin 's eyes and waited for his quiet understanding. With relief Arthur saw him nod before he got pulled into a hug. It was one of the good things of being true equals Arthur realised. These days he did not have to keep up his royal status and pretend to be above his former servant.…show more content…
Arthur had seen the doubt in Gwaine 's eyes ever since they came to this time and no matter what Merlin or he had said the memory of the events leading to his death always lingered. Maybe now Gwaine would finally accept that to his former King he would always be his bravest knight, and also that he had not even for one second doubted his loyalty. Locking eyes with his friend Arthur nodded to let him know the unspoken words were heard and accepted. Jack unintentionally interrupted the moment between the two friends to hand them their earpieces. "I know time is not on our side, but we can 't take unnecessary risks out there. Keep the lines open at all times and listen to Gwen 's instructions." Arthur accepted his bluetooth with a nod, "Captain, I know you 're in charge and on any other mission when it comes to aliens I 'd be happy to let you, but for this one I must insist on taking the lead. I have far more experience in swordfights." Blue eyes narrowed at his words for a moment before Jack scoffed and said with a wink, "A handsome man in charge? I can live with that." "Well then, don 't let me disappoint you. Outside now, or I will have your heads." With a mock look of utter seriousness Arthur pushed the button to open the huge round door. He waited until it had rolled out of the way and with a wink to Gwen he stepped through the opened hallway beyond it. After she confirmed the coast was clear Arthur led his two friends out into

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