Arthur vs Beowulf Essay

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The viciously gallant epic Beowulf, Steve Baron’s capricious film Merlin, and Niccolo Machiavelli’s enlightening treatise The Prince all portray the struggle between good and evil, teach morals, and convey what it takes to be a superior king. Merlin has successfully brought up King Arthur to become a virtuous man and a worthy king who is exceptionally capable of fulfilling Machiavelli’s guidelines. For example, Machiavelli states in “Concerning Things for Which Men, and Especially Princes, are Blamed” from The Prince that “…a man who wishes to act entirely up to his professions of virtue soon meets with what destroys him among so much that is evil.” Merlin taught Arthur integrity and goodness. King Arthur takes this wisdom to build the…show more content…
Beowulf will forever be praised for his heroic deed for “…no better king had ever/ Lived, no prince so mild, no man/ So open to his people, so deserving of praise” (l. 895-897). Overall, Beowulf is a better ruler than Arthur because although Arthur had remarkable morals and intentions, he was not praised nor respected like Beowulf. If there is no respect for a leader, than how can one be a “good” leader? Beowulf’s men cherished him and believed in him. They had his back for every choice he made. After Arthur decided to not accuse his wife of treason, some of his men betrayed and left him. Also, Beowulf had no gluttony and did not desire any gold or riches. He was generous and gave all to his people. For example, Beowulf admirably states, “I sold my life/ For this treasure and I sold it well” (l. 809-810). His relief upon seeing the treasure demonstrates his desire to leave something to his citizens. Beowulf made the Danes a peaceful people once again, making him one of their greatest kings and heroes. While Arthur had charismatic qualities and benevolent morals, Beowulf, in a modern society, would be most likeable because he was a more sufficient leader. Every hero desires to be remembered for more than one heroic inclination. To protect mankind from evil, to use his powers to rescue his family and friends from evil circumstances, and to earn immortality through his heroic tendencies are three important propensities. Three of
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