Arthurian Character Of Sir Gawain

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I feel like I have analyzed the character of Sir Gawain every time the opportunity arrises in this class and you are probably getting a little tired on critiquing my analysis over the same character. Though, relating to Arthurian concepts, it must have been “fate” or “destiny" that the Gawain character would be an option for me to analyze on this final. This sort of “fortune” to have a character that I feel I can give a clear and in-depth analysis over, just might make this final examination on an Arthurian character close to “perfection”. On a more serious note my reasoning for choosing Sir Gawain was actually based on looking at the other concepts given as choices to analyze. I was conflicted on what information I could relate and elaborate on in a 1,000 word analysis. Then as I was starting to defining each concept, I found a tremendous connection to Sir Gawain to almost all of them. One might find this sort of association in comparing other knights in Arthurian literature, but do those knights really have that strong of a connection as Sir Gawain does? This is the question I started internally debating about and found that the answer is no. This realization and connection to multiple concepts found in Arthurian literature and Sir Gawain gave me a perfect argument. In looking at one character throughout Arthurian literature there is no better example of Arthurian themes and elements that seem to embody only one character through various stories and poems, that being Sir
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