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2.2 Individual Written Assignment – Case Study Report Assignment Overview The purpose of the case study report is to help you bridge theoretical and practical applications of organisational behaviour topics, while also helping you build important written communication and problem-solving skills. Analysing a case study allows you to simulate some of the complexities and ambiguities that are present in real organisational problems and consider practical and evidence-based solutions. You will analyse the events in a case study (see below) and apply relevant OB principles to analyse the case. You will support your analysis with relevant OB research from at least 5 academic, peer-reviewed journal articles. The assignment is…show more content…
ii) The solution should be integrated with the problem analysis in the rest of the report. For example, if you analyse the problem in terms of a particular motivational theory, your recommendation should be logically related to that motivational theory. • Evaluate the recommendation you provide. Discuss the pros and cons, limitations, practical challenges, etc., that would result if your recommendation were followed in this case. Would your recommendation resolve all of the issues in the major problem, or what gaps would remain? 6) References (note: not included in word count) • Ensure that all references are appropriately cited in the text of your report. • Include the full citation information in the References section. • Follow the style guidelines for the Academy of Management Journal. Formatting your Assignment • Your assignment must be typed, double-spaced, using standard fonts and have standard margins on all sides (i.e., 12-point, Times New Roman, 2.54cm margins). You may use essay or report format for this assignment. • It is essential that your report is written in a neat, professional, and engaging manner. Check your writing for accuracy in spelling, grammar, etc. Convey your ideas in a clear, concise manner, use appropriate transitions between ideas and sections, and use headings when appropriate. La Trobe University and Sup de Co have many resources to help you develop

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