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ePerformance Appraisal’s Relation with Productivity and Job Satisfaction Ayaz Khan The whole essence of the management activities of an organization culminates in the system of performance appraisal adopted in that organization. This, in turn, reflects the extent of the individual contributions and commitment of the employees in different hierarchical levels toward the achievement of organizational objectives/goals. It goes without saying that an effective performance appraisal system can lead an organization to take strides towards success and growth by leaps and bounds. Conversely, an ineffective performance appraisal system can seal the fate of an organization by creating chaos and confusion from top to bottom in the…show more content…
It would enable the people of the concerned district to know about the powers and responsibilities of the Amil and whenever he would commit transgression from his official powers, it would tantamount to his parallel accountability by the public. At the time of appointment of every Amil, a detailed list of properties and other belongings was furnished. Every action was taken to retrain their powers and accumulation of wealth as well as increase in properties was severely dealt with. The officers were paid handsome salaries so that temptation and corruption must not demoralize them. Their salaries were raised so that they should not accept any bribe or illegal gratification. Whenever an officer’s financial position was found to be incompatible with his known resources, he was to be subjected to severe accountability. In the days of Haj (Pilgrimage), Umar would call the Amils from all over the country to attend the annual gathering. Since, the Journal of Managerial Sciences 101 Volume I, Number 2 Performance Appraisal’s Relation with Productivity and Job Satisfaction Ayaz Khan pilgrimage was to be attended by majority of the people coming from different cities of the country, it would provide an opportunity to the Caliph to get first hand information about the conduct of State Amils. All
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