Article 28 - Xin Gaming And Wave Gaming Join Forces

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Article 28 - XIN Gaming and Wave Gaming Join Forces At the top of the online casino industry there is a select number of developers that are granted ‘premium’ status. These companies are considered to be the cream of the crop and it takes something special to reach such lofty heights. A company that clearly has designs on the top of the industry is XIN Gaming. Considered one of the creative up and coming names within the industry, XIN Gaming is definitely making ways. The latest move from the company has seen them join forces with Wave Gaming, but what does it mean for the two companies involved in the deal? The press release broke during July 2015 and revealed to the world that XIN Gaming have reached a working arrangement Wave Gaming, which should bring Wave Gaming developed titles to the online casino. The whole purpose of the arrangement is to further XIN Gaming’s Asian focused slot content. Of the two companies, XIN gaming ranks as the largest and by incorporating Wave Gaming’s remote gaming server into its own running operations it is only set to grow in stature. While the Wave Gaming portfolio is considered relatively small, it could prove to be a defining business move for XIN Gaming given time. At time of writing Wave Gaming only actually have a handful of slot titles to their name, but these games have been making an impact in the Far East. The likes of Journey to the West, Monkey King, and Ninja’s Path, have all been praised for their Asian focused themes and

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