Article 50 Research Paper

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On March 29 Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger Article 50. Article 50 is the EU legislation that sets the rules for how a member state can leave the organization. It’s part of the Treaty of Lisbon, which was signed in 2007 and went into effect in 2009. The law is vague on the specifics, for exiting because no country has ever invoked Article 50 in the past. The EU viewed the possibility of a country leaving as an unlikely and unwanted possibility. Britons have been waiting for this moment, which starts the formal process of their country leaving the European Union.
Brexit is a word use for saying the UK is leaving the EU, merging the words Britian and exit to get Brexit. This is the same way the Greek got its name Grexit when its
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They impose too many rules on business and charge billion’s a year in membership fees for little in return. Britain also stated that another reason they want to leave is because of sovereignty and democracy. Britain wants the UK to take back full control of its borders and reduce the number of people coming to work and live there. In other words, they want immigration control. One of the main principles of EU membership is free movement. This means that you don’t need to get a visa to live in another EU country.
There will be still be other countries in the EU and others wanting to join in the future therefore English will still be the common language once the exit is complete, because it is best for business, but disliked by France.
There are some who want to stay because they feel that a medium size island needs to be part of a larger like-minded country to have real influence and security in the world, and that leaving would be economically costly.
Although the final bill is not known, one thing is clear EU leaders will want to show there is a price for leaving the EU, while the UK will try its hardest to minimize it. With such large sums at stake there is plenty of negotiating to
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