Article 63 - The Evolution Of Mobile Casino Gaming

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Article 63 - The evolution of mobile casino gaming Once upon a time it was a case that you could only access a casino by visiting a brick-and-mortar premises or logging into one on a laptop or desktop computer. It always required you as a player to truly dedicate time to playing too, rather than letting you pick up and play whenever you saw fit. However, when smartphones entered the marketplace back in 2007 with the launch of the iPhone, change was clearly on the horizon. Handheld devices would change the way people gamble online and this article looks at how the medium has evolved over the years. As the field has evolved, more and more developers have gotten in on the action. In US and international markets most mobile casinos are…show more content…
The very latest mobile casinos also deliver flawless animations. If there is one industry that has kept the mobile casino field moving forward, it is software development. Java, flash, and HTML5 have all combined to create stunning animated sequences for mobile casinos. 2D graphics and 3D rendered graphics, along with HD stereo sound, make mobile casino games very impressive on both the eyes and the ears. When mobile casinos first hit the marketplace in 2010 there were less than a dozen to choose from. In 2015 the number is nearing the three-figure mark, each offering hundreds of titles with new games being launched every single month. The field has boomed in a way that many wouldn’t have seen given the slow start to life the platform had. Long gone are the clunky and basic mobile casinos of the past, as today they look impressive and couldn’t be easier to navigate. Looking back at the past it is clear that the mobile casino market hasn’t just evolved, it has arrived, and is here to stay. I, like most, questioned the mobile casino market when it first started. Largely as I was unsure how far any casino could really go with the platform. However, as time has gone on I have clearly been proven wrong. Technological innovations have turned the field from basic and boring into graphically impressively and truly interactive. These days when you want to gamble, don’t feel you have to turn on your laptop, simply reach for your
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