Article Abstracts: Concept of Nazism

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Abstracts 2. Wikipedia. (2012). Nazism. Accessed 3 May 2012. This encyclopedia-like article aims to describe the concept of Nazism from an historical perspective, educating the general public on what the general sentiments, feelings, and politics of the Nazis and the overall perspective of Nazism truly were, and of how the attitudes, values, and beliefs of Nazism came about and were able to spread in Germany and beyond. A purely descriptive methodology is used, with reference to many other historical documents and text, with the result of a comprehensive and multifaceted view of Nazism and the implications that this political and philosophical belief system has on humanity and on the trajectory of history during the twentieth century. No recommendations are made, however it is concluded that the Nazi party and Nazism are more complex and less understood than thought by many people, especially members of the general public that have not examined the issue. Hayek, F. (1944). The Socialist Roots of Naziism. in The Road to Serfdom. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp. 183-98. In this essay and historical examination, the author attempts to provide an explanation for how Nazism came to flourish not as simply a right wing and fascist element, but through the combination of what are traditionally though of as "left-wing" and "right-wing" political forces. By examining the socialist roots of Nazism, Hayek is exploring the less-examined,
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