Article Analysis And Evaluation Of Middle Class

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Article Analysis and Evaluation
“Middle Class Series: The American Middle Class, Income Inequality and The Strength of Our Economy” by (Boushey & Hersh, 2012). I chose this article because the premise behind it is that the middle class is essentially responsible for the economic growth and development in America. This article groups society into classes to look at the contributions of each class to the growth of the economy by using some of the major economic indicators such as the real GDP. Conversely, this article gives credit to the members of both the lower and upper classes, particularly the upper class for running the economy by heavily investing in the top and leading industries in the country. The government has always registered huge gains from the profit taxes and taxes from the industrial goods and even the licensing of industries especially those that are booming. As mentioned above, this article divides society into classes and reports that the top of the upper class in society is made up of people that, in most cases, hold leadership positions. This implies that they are in a position to invest in the middle class and help boost the economy. This doesn’t mean that the activities by the middle class are the only promoters of the economy. There are other factors such as, the price of capital, taxes, resource endowments, luck, chance, and many other activities that contribute to the growth of the economy. The definition as classified in this article is
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