Article Analysis: Birth Control Review by Crystal Eastman Essay

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To begin, Crystal Eastman first published her article in 1918. She produced the source for a large target audience. The article was originally published in a radical journal called Birth Control review. The source’s purpose was to inform women that, whether the law stated so or not, they had a choice as to whether or not to conceive a child. The purpose of the source is to demand that women take control of their bodies. “I would almost say, that the whole structure of the feminist’s dream of society rests upon the rapid extension of scientific knowledge about birth control.” (Eastman, Pg.510).
Next, the original source is women, feminists, and most likely medical doctors. However, because it was posted in a magazine that was viewed as radical for the times, there’s no telling who actually read it. An interesting fact is that Both Crystal’s mother and father were reverends. As a matter of fact, her mother was actually ordained as the first woman Congregational minister. Because her mother had changed things, Crystal felt a deep need to emulate her mother. However, rather than follow her parents into ministry, she became a feminist. Sadly, it is unlikely that either one of her parents would support her desire for birth control, as birth control violates the bible.
Furthermore, the biggest underlying value that I could find within her
article would be economic freedom for women. Her key values include the female right to vote, women holding office, birth control, and…

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