Article Analysis: 'Demonstrating Group Process Using 12 Angry Men'

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Intro The films we all love and cherish can also be used as tools to better understand individuals and groups within our society. Students studying various social sciences and relationships among members of the same society can turn to feature films as a way to further educate themselves on group dynamics from a perspective that might not be seen in an otherwise purely academic context. Such films provide students with interesting and entertaining case studies which with they can further understand and explore various theoretical concepts. This is exactly what is being highlighted in the article "Demonstrating Group Process Using 12 Angry Men," written by Stephen A. Armstrong and Robert C. Berg. Utilizing elements from the movie, 12 Angry Men, the authors discuss the various elements of group dynamics. The film highlights group interaction in a stressful situation, in this case a jury room, and thus allows students to explore group dynamics through the interactions of the characters in the film. The film highlights the dysfunction in a working group, allowing students to come up with their own theories and recommendations for increasing a more positive group dynamic that is needed to complete the task at hand. In the film are obvious conditions that fit the work of Sullivan (1953) and Bowlby (1983) in regards to interpersonal theory. Sullivan believed that interpersonal distortions are, for he most part, a result of an individual's personification of the other in question,

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