Article Analysis: Intimacy And Sexuality By Fritz

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The article discussing intimacy and sexuality by Fritz was extremely eye-opening on many levels and it challenged my opinion about people with a disability. As a society, we tend to make assumptions about the unknown, which leads to a disregard for the underlying desires and needs of others, because of our lack of knowledge/education. SCI most certainly impedes on a person’s confidence but also affects their social well-being and intimate encounters with others. If a person with SCI is confident enough to explore intimacy, and is willing to find a partner or be intimate with their significant other; where do they begin? And is their partner willing to participate sexually? Those are only a couple of major concerns. On the other hand, if the SCI had a partner prior to the injury that remained after the injury, that partner is expected to play the role of caregiver. Consequently, the desire to be sexually involved with their partner may be hindered because of the shift in roles. There are undoubtedly, numerous obstacles that SCI victims have to overcome…show more content…
This conjured thoughts of other devastating events people have to cope with, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis or any disease that affects a person’s way of life. There was a wonderful quote stated by the interviewee, Adi. “I felt that if you lose faith you give into evil." These words demonstrate, not only the emotions felt from someone who has dealt with the Holocaust, but someone who can no longer partake in their social ritual. When you take away a person’s occupation whether it be gardening, driving, or riding a bike, you’re taking away vital piece of the fabric that molds their identity. Consequently, when a person’s environment and lifestyle is altered so domestically, all they want is to regain normality, and to attain their previous
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