Article Analysis: 'Leaders Lost in Transformation' by M Emiliani

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Please Read Journal Article Identify the main mistakes that tend to weaken or derail lean initiatives in companies. Assess the authors' suggestions for improving lean implementation. Emiliani (2005) identified several different areas that were considered to be the main reasons why leadership transformation strategies are unsuccessful inside a number of firms. The most notable include: the use of old management systems, conflicting leadership behaviors, a lack of belief in the system, management turnover, layoffs, integration challenges, cost issues, time horizon differences, focus and supply chain management problems. The combination of these factors will cause employees and other managers to engage in similar patterns of destructive behavior that was embraced prior to these transformations. (Emiliani, 2005, pp. 370 387) Evidence of this can be seen with Emiliani saying, "Without question, there is much room for improvement. Senior managers that do not understand the Lean management system, its intent, and its nuances are not bad people. Nor are they hopeless "concrete heads". Rather, most are valuable resources that can be shown how to improve their leadership and business skills if they are willing to learn new things. The Lean management system is a carefully designed way to manage a business and balance the interests of key stakeholders. Implemented correctly, it makes work fun, exciting, and much more fulfilling. It also leads to the kinds of favorable business
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