Article Analysis : ' Living Life Without Traveling '

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In a 2011 Catholic US Expert Eyewitness editor’s interview, Rick Steves summarizes the importance of travel in a simple and elegant quote stating “living life without traveling is like having a good book and never turning the page.” Within the interview Steves stresses the importance of travel for all beings, citing the immense individual growth that stems from what he defines as “good travel.” Becoming a good traveler, according to Steves, means fitting in and learning to appreciate and understand the cultures of the individuals that surround you when traveling. Politically and spiritually, Steves finds this type of travel to be a stimulating experience that enlightens one to a wide array of virtues and cultures that range from exciting and thought provoking to even depressing. However, while Steves notes the positives that precipitate from the aforementioned good travel, he also expresses his disappointment in the many Americans who fail to partake in this enlightened practice. Instead, driven by short term goals and individual economic success, Steves notes many people refrain entirely from travel, or simply choose to travel in a demanding and ethnocentric manner. According to Steves, this self-perpetuating cycle of individuality and greed mirrors the larger image of societal values today. Unfortunately, such values promote the sacrifice of economic justice, and global common good on behalf individual gains. However, for Steves, through good travel the intertwining
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