Article Analysis: On the Contradictions of the New International Financial Architecture: Another Procrustean Bed for Emerging Markets?

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Summary: what is a main concept in the case or article? The main concept of the article is to explain why the New International Financial Architecture (NIFA) was created and who is being benefited from this approach. The discussion begins with an examination of the power structures of the global political economy by focusing on the continued dominance of the USA. The article presents the contradictory relations between USA and global finance will be explored so as to shed more critical light on the NIFA. This article critically examines the NIFA by linking its institutional components to the larger contradictions of the capitalist inter-state system. A contradiction is the constant promotion of financial liberalization in emerging…show more content…
In order to prevent the current crisis from deepening, immediate actions are required from the major industrial countries and from the international community. There is evidence that the world economy is experiencing a major slowdown, which may deepen if inadequately managed. For example, Japan is in its worst recession since the war, much of East and South-East Asia is in depression, Russia is experiencing a major downturn, growth has stalled in Latin America, and the prices of primary commodities and a number of manufactures are falling in international markets. Authorities in the industrial countries must nonetheless continue to be alert. Several downside risks still remain, and current policies may prove insufficient to prevent the world economy from slipping into recession. Expansionary fiscal policies may be required in other industrial economies, in addition to Japan. It is also crucial that the rules of an open international trading system should operate smoothly, allowing the economies that face adjustment to reduce their deficits or generate trade surpluses with the more vigorous industrial economies. With the full support of the international community, IMF should put together contingency funds to assist countries now experiencing crisis or contagion and others that could become the victims of world financial crisis in the future. These include countries that may be affected indirectly by the
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