Article Analysis : The Health Care Profession

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Article Analysis The health care profession has dramatically changed over years in an attempt to improve patients’ outcome. For this reason, nurses have to be aware of rising health care issues as well as evidence-based recommendations that can improve these problems. Rising health care issues that are being explored include the advantage of pharmacological treatment based on individuals’ genetic makeup, the rise of urinary tract infections (UTIs), as well as recommendations for preventing heart disease in women. The idea that human beings are as different to one another as they are alike is not new and these differences are related to the genetic make-up of each individual. Because all human beings are not identical, one can safely assume that medications that treat a particular illness for one person can have a totally different effect on another. To support this theory, the article What You Need To Know About Pharmacogenomics, written by Dennis Cheek discusses a growing area of research known as pharmacogenomics where medications are being tailored based on patient’ genetic make-up. The main goal of pharmacogenomics is to help health care providers improve patients’ outcome with medications that are tailored to patients based on their genetic make-up. The main areas of pharmacogenomics include antiplatelet therapy, mental health, HIV therapy, and oncology (Cheek, 2013). Clopidogrel is a platelet Adenosine diphosphate (ADP) receptor antagonist that has been researched
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