Article Analysis: The US Financial System

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Article Analysis This essay looks at two articles which were written within the last three months about reforms that are being made to the United States financial system. The first article is a review of news from Secretary Geithner that the United States is close to making some real reforms. He talked specifically about hedge funds and risk-taking within the banking system in general (Reuters, 2012). The second article discussed the issues that are present with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, how both sides of the aisle want to dismantle them, and the inherent problems in doing so (Chadbourn, 2012). The comments from readers of the two articles were specific, and for the most part, showed some intelligent discussion. The comments sections are a way for the newspaper to justify their existence because they can prove that they still have an audience, but it seems, in most cases, that the comments section has little to do with what articles are placed on the net. Writers are given a specific story, and though they may have a desire to receive good comments for their stories, they have to write that story truthfully anyway. That is not to say that stories are not biased, but playing to the audience would make the writer a shill, and possibly make them available for censure. Information from comments sections is provided with the knowledge that it is both open to reply, and that it is not owned by any person after it is written. This means that the comments that a person
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