Article Analysis and Synthesis - Understanding Yourself as an Instrument of Change. Jean Bartunek

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Article Analysis and Synthesis by Ifeoma Ugwuanyi

Jean M Bartunek’s article “You’re an organization development practitioner-scholar: Can you contribute to organizational theory?” summarizes the past and present relationship that has existed between organizational theory and practice and suggests ways to strengthen connections between them. The author, Jean M. Bartunek is the Chair and Professor of Organization Studies at Boston College. She has a PhD in social and organizational psychology from the University of Illinois in Chicago and has published over 100 journal articles and book chapters. The article discusses means for Organization Development Practitioners (OD) to build stronger links between their work and academic
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The contributions of the OD scholar-practitioners were down played by the author especially in the conclusion. • Bartunek’s comments raised other issues that suggest further research opportunities. Bartunek in her introduction pointed that, ‘there is very little academic writing that emphasizes how practice should inform theory” Bartunek (2008). The evidence provided in the article was more of survey type as it had no experimental or control study. There was also no mention of any limitations to the study. • The paragraphs and assertions were well examples-supported. • The author used reliable resources in the development of the article as it is evidenced in the references provided. The resources used were mostly peer-reviewed articles and journals written by Academics.

In conclusion, the dominant purpose of this article seems to be to convince the reader that the OD practitioner-scholar has not used his position to bring the required change to the relationship that has existed between theory and practice in organization development. Most of the evidences and references were focused on achieving this aim. Considerations for other contributory factors were noticeably lacking notably the contributions of Argyris and Schon, Bartunek (2008).


Jean M Bartunek (2008). You’re an organization development
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