Article Analysis of 'Are You About to Burn Out at Work?' by Diksha Sahni

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Managing Stress and Time In the article, Are you about to burn out at work?, Diksha Sahni (2012) discusses the prevalent issue of stress and burnout among employees today. Through consultant psychiatrist Sanjay Chugh, the article defined burnout as "a state where slowly and steadily, one can notice a decline in one's physical and mental efficiency" (par. 2). What makes stress and burnout in the workplace critical for employees and employers alike is that these contribute to poor employee performance which inevitably affects the "overall productivity" of the company or organization. The article then proceeds to describe the "symptoms" and potential solutions to stress and burnout among employees. Symptoms identified are: change in appetite, loss of immunity, exhaustion, and depression. Other, more crucial symptoms are irritability, higher frustration, difficulty in concentration, reduced attention span, and a feeling of isolation from others (pars. 5-7). It is important to recognize these symptoms in the workplace, as one might perceive a co-worker's irritability and negative disposition at work can actually be attributed to the workload s/he has been carrying and has led to the development of stress and eventually escalated to burnout. Escalation of stress to burnout is critical and stress, when it occurs, must be recognized and addressed immediately, because, as the article has stated, stressed individuals can ultimately contribute less and less to the company and in the

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