Article Analysis of Hugo Chave's Death

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The reaction to Hugo Chávez’s death has caused a huge stir up in not only Latin America, but in the United States as well. There are many different opinions on how much Chávez’s death will affect the country of Venezuela as a whole. Certain articles state that his death is a positive for the country and how the country will now develop in a better way. Other articles state that his death is tragic and many people are saddened because of how much he has helped build the country. Regardless, most people feel as though the country will continue to develop. In the first article, “The U.S Reaction To Chávez’s Death: From Mourning To Celebration” by Tom Watkins, there were different opinions on Chávez. On one side, many people were celebrating…show more content…
The publication (2013) stated, “He strengthened OPEC, which helped to stabilize global supplies and prices, took majority shares (with compensation) in lucrative new fields, and increased royalties and tax collections.” (p. 1) Each article makes valid points. Those points are that Chávez has played a huge role in Venezuela, whether it was positive or negative. But the main goal I believe the power elites is trying to make is that Venezuela is on its way to becoming as independent as any other independent country. Some parts of the article is even trying to emphasize that Venezuela was already on its way to independence before Chávez took control. Although these articles are stating how this country is fighting for its independence, it isn’t stating or showing the tragedies that are happening in the country during this process. Many people are being killed in the country just for fighting for their rights. But people in the U.S wouldn’t know this because it isn’t being broadcasted. It is being hidden so that people don’t know what negativity is going on and how many people are really helping to stop the violence through the government in Venezuela (which people has some U.S involvement as well). My hope is that somehow these violent actions stop and the people in Venezuela will have the rights and freedom that the people in the U.S have. When comparing both articles, you can see the difference between mainstream and alternative stories. In

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