Article Analysis of 'Now I Become Myself'

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Now I Become Myself In the article "Now I Become Myself," author Parker Palmer endeavors to illustrate to her readership how can find personal fulfillment in their occupations by finding out about the self and what it is the individual needs to be satisfied. Most important to Palmer is a wider understanding of the term "vocation." This term is usually applied to religious persons who feel some otherworldly calling to the mantle of the clergy. However, Palmer argues that vocation can be a part of everyone's life, no matter which field it is to which they are drawn. Vocation is a gift for every person from a divine being who tries to inspire people to become the best versions of their selves possible. Achieving this is possible for everyone so long as they listen to the self and do not engage in actions which would hinder self-discovery. What's more, Palmer says, once the self-actualization has occurred, one is not only a better employee, but a better all around human being. In the article, Palmer says that it is very easy to become lost in our quest for selfhood because of the external influences that impose upon each one of us. Human beings strive to not only do what is best for themselves but for the larger population of the world. According to Palmer, however, once the self has been achieved, the individual is a more production member of society and fulfills the role that they were originally designed for. "Only when I know both seed and system, self and community,

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