Article Analysis of 'Self Management Interventions for Type 2 Diabetes: A Systematic Review'

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There are a number of key factors about the article by Evellen Heirich et al, "Self-management interventions for type 2 diabetes: a systematic review" that lend themselves to potential use in clinical practice. This article was at variance with a significant amount of research articles in that there was no original research performed within this study. Instead, the data collection methodology simply consisted of analyzing previously existent research for different practices used to ameliorate patients afflicted with type 2 diabetes. In that sense this article functions as a prolonged literary review. There were both positive and negative aspects of this type of approach to research, the latter of which includes the relatively small sample size only 19 articles were analyzed and the fact that the wide variety of the types of research performed in the articles made it increasingly difficult to come to a consensus about certain measures. The authors of this journal article initiated research into this subject by entering certain key words related to self-management techniques and practices for type 2 diabetes in three major journal research engines. What is notable about this process is that the literature review that accompanies most research documents actually doubled as the actual research performed itself, since the authors merely analyzed the studies and findings of the journal articles they deemed relevant to their review of existing literature. The initial titles that
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