Article Analysis of 'The Ethical Dilemma Faced by the Criminal Justice Professional'

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Article Analysis The chosen article has to do with police officer integrity when dealing with the public and that is a very important subject. A secondary question was whether an officer should be terminated who abuses his or her power, and that is actually more complex. The ethical dilemma facing the criminal justice professional, in this case the arbitrator, was something that was interesting because it could have seemed, on the surface, that the officer was telling the truth and he was eventually caught in the lies that he told. The arbitrator had to decide (and the arbitrator is someone who works as a go between the officer's union and management) whether what the officer did was serious enough to warrant a termination. The arbitrator decided that the officer's actions were not serious enough for termination, but that he did deserve to be suspended for one year without pay. The fact that the arbitrator could look at the evidence that was presented (from the scant view that the article gave it looked pretty damning) and not say that the officer deserved termination is questionable ethics in and of itself. The arbitrator is supposed to be working for the best interest of the police department, which means balancing the needs of the officers against the needs of the force as a whole. It has to be a difficult job. However, the glaring problems were that the officer filed a falsified police report, and he gave false testimony. The officer's actions are in some ways

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