Article And Write Down Reservation Of Afghanistan

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Assignment One – International Treaties
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Question 1: Has Afghanistan announced any reservation in regard to any international treaty? If yes, please give one example. You should name the treaty, explain the relevant article and write down reservation of Afghanistan. (3 points)

• Afghanistan has ratified international Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination on 6 July 1983. This convention was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in resolution 2106 of 21 December 1965. While ratification of this convention Afghanistan reserved the right to be bound by provisions of article 22 of the convention. According to article 22, if there was any disagreement between two or more state parties to the convention regarding implementation and interpretation of this convention then the matter can be referred to the international court of justice by the request of only one side. However, Afghanistan reserved to be bound by that article and stated that in case of disagreement among the state parties of the convention on the interpretation and implementation of the convention, the matter will be referred to the international court of justice only if all of the concerned parties agree with this procedure. So it brought
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