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Article Critiquing Toolkit Evan Wilcher Northcentral University Article Critiquing Toolkit An essential part to a good research plan that will result in a completed dissertation is having reliable information that will support the need for the research topic in the first place (2004). Trochim (2006) discussed validity of information variable relationships in regards to their validity being conclusive, internal construct or external; or a combination of the four based on the researchers observations. Articles critiques require researchers’ to locate scholarly information that could potentially relate to their research topic. The literature review relationship with the research topic is essential; in that it might provide the bases for additional research in a particular area. The literature review can expand manuscript quality and peer reviewing abilities potentially improving the acceptance of the completed work (Kulage, & Larson, 2016). Part I Article Critique Strategies Literature reviews are an examination of a study to determine its credibility or worthiness and information significance extracted from the existing research data (Wakefield, 2014). Literature reviews summaries, critically analyses, evaluates and clarifies the study authors’ ideas. The researched information provides the literature reviewer a summarize rational argument that defends and helps to explain the new research question, based on related policy and practice identified by

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