Article Critique : Children Vaccinations

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Article Critique: Children Vaccinations

The controversial issues of children vaccinations have been an on going dilemma in today’s society. Within the article Anti-Vaccination Movement and Parental Refusals of Immunization of Children in USA by Marian Olpinski the author goes into detail about the definite pros of getting your child vaccinated. The author states that since the anti-vaccination movement has been growing, more and more parents are not getting their children vaccinated. Due to this fear of side effects more children are not only becoming ill but they are also dying due to the diseases they are not being vaccinated from. Between the years 2001 – 2008 an average of 56 cases of people infected with measles were reported annually (Olpinski 2012). Not only were there outbreaks of measles there were also numerous cases of children being infected with mumps, which is known as an invasive HIB disease. Olpinski then starts to state the steps in why people start becoming fearful of vaccinations rather than relieved. The idea is known that when new diseases come about people immediately begin to feel threatened. However, when such vaccines are created to cure these diseases, people widely begin to accept it immediately; despite the side effects they believe might occur in being vaccinated. As these vaccines begin to give off a massive decrease in such cases and deaths, the idea of threat towards the initial disease becomes uncommon and more unrealistic. With this
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