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Article Critique Yoshita Patel Summer 2015 Southeastern Technical College RADT 2340 Mrs. Kerry Dunn Presentation of the Research In a profession such as Radiologic Technologists, we perform many duties and there are several time when we decline to use radiopaque markers as a result we have to face the consequences of neglecting to give a proper patient care. The article written by the Enfinger (2015) and his purpose of writing the article is to discuss “the importance of radiopaque markers in digital x-ray.” Enfinger state that a radiographers have been taught from a very beginning of their learning stage to use radiopaque markers in a digital x-ray image. X-ray markers are used on radiographic images to determine the patient’s…show more content…
In a digital radiography, it is unavoidable mistake when a technologist forget or decline the use of markers. when author experience a situation where he have been called to Chief Radiologist’s office asking questions about a portable chest radiography and he could not tell if the exam was performed by him or not because radiopaque markers were missing within the primary beam. There is a condition called dextrocardia when heart is located on right side of the body instead of left side. It is easy to misinterpret the image and causes to perform wrong procedure on patient. This could create a major medical error. It would be correct if anatomic side marker is placed before taking any radiographic images. So, always remember these radiopaque markers must be placed within the collimation field so that they will be exposed by the x-ray beam and included on image. A radiograph taken without these markers may have to be repeated which obviously results in unnecessary radiation to the patient making this a serious error. Enfinger (2015) suggested other option such as purchasing disposable and single use marker if technologist misplace their
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