Article Critique Of Is There A Philippine Public Administration?

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William Christian P. Dela Cruz IV – AB-PS Pol.Sci. 401 – Philippine Public Administration Instructor: Mr. Joseph Ian B. Sabado, MPA Corpuz, Onofre. (1986). “Is There a Philippine Public Administration?”. Reprinted from Philippine Journal of Public Administration 30 (4) (October 1986): 368-382. An Article Critique In his article entitled “Is There a Philippine Public Administration?”, Dr. Onofre Corpuz attempts to explain and define the scope of government as he believes that this is crucial to establishing the scope of one’s personal life, which ought to remain private and “inviolable from public invasion”. He writes, “The fact that the scope of government has not been discussed is not strange”. As such, the article focuses on the role of government and its scope in an effort to answer the fundamental question concerning the existence of a “Philippine” Public Administration. Although the essay has no explicit “yes” or “no” answer to the question at hand, it goes without saying that there is indeed a Philippine Public Administration inasmuch as there are major Philippine institutions that shape such, to wit: education, politics, and government. By looking into the logical development of the ideas presented in the article, it can be said that the author’s way of putting his message…show more content…
According to Brillantes and Fernandez (2008), this is one of the two essays used in the introductory course in Public Administration both at the graduate and undergraduate level; the other essay is that of Dr. Raul De Guzman. This alone proves the fact that indeed, this article serves as a major reference of almost all researches or studies in the field of Public Administration at present, which is why Dr. Corpuz is considered an eminent scholar of the said
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