Article Critique Of The Social Work Arena

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SOWK 503
Assignment #1: Article Critique
Antonio Gallegos
Cynthia Rollo-Carlson, MSW, MA, LICSW

What are the main points of the article? The main points to this article were how to incorporate various concepts, and strengths perspective within all theories in the social work arena. One must combine theory and perspective to explain a situation or concept. Having a definite concept to each theory, and perspective will help one to understand all its entities to each situation. Theory and perspective fall under a larger umbrella with many entities helping to find a solution to a specific matter or a vast concern.
According to Dybicz (2011) “While much literature has been written on the strengths perspective since its inception, an ongoing project is further elaboration to clear up misconceptions and misapplications. Much of the confusion arises from the strengths perspective 's embrace of postmodern thought, and hence, is reflective of the broader debate between modern and postmodern thought currently occurring in social work” (para. 1).
What does the article offer that is unique, interesting, and/or important? The article offers many interesting, unique and important information with a great history lesson as well. The author talks about the beginnings of social work and the way one viewed a social worker, as well as each social worker, saw things through his or her own lens or in this case him or her perspective. Important information was given in…

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