Article Critique On Carbohydrate And Protein During Training

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Article Critiques Assignment Six Hall, A. H., Leveritt, M. D., Ahuja, K. D., & Shing, C. M. (2013). Coingestion of carbohydrate and protein during training reduces training stress and enhances subsequent exercise performance. Applied Physiology, Nutrition & Metabolism, 38(6), 597-604. Despite extensive research on the benefits of carbohydrate (CHO) ingestion improving endurance performance, there are still a lot of questions in the literature about whether or not the simultaneous ingestion of CHO and protein is advantageous compared to other methods in enhancing performance (Hall et al., 2013). According to Hall and colleagues (2013), there have been an number of studies that have shown potentially performance enhancing benefits of co-ingestion of protein and CHO such as enhanced glycogen synthesis post-exercise, decreased muscle soreness, muscle damage, positive net protein balance, and even modest performance benefits (Hall et al., 2013). Purpose. Hall and colleagues (2013) looked to determine the potential impact of protein and CHO co-ingestion has compared to ‘isoenergetic CHO beverage during exercise’. Specifically, Hall and colleagues (2013) wanted to explore the impact that consumption of such a beverage would have on cycling performance after a four hour rest period. Also, the impact that consumption would have on blood plasma markers of muscle damage and muscle soreness, as well as insulin and glucose levels (Hall et al., 2013). Methods. A modest sample

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