Article Critique Pain Management in Pediatrics Essay

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Nursing Research Critique Utilization Plan Paper

July 24th, 2010

Nursing Research Critique Utilization Plan Paper
Part 1 Article Selection Qualitative research is investigations which use sensory methods such as listening or observing to gather and organize data into patterns or themes. Qualitative research deals more often with language than numbers. Methods of gathering information might be focus groups or interview panels. It uses a flexible research design and utilizes an inductive process to formulate a theory. The idea is to get in depth information from the participants. The purpose is to understand and interpret social interactions. Quantitative research is scientific investigations in which numbers are used to measure
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This study used a retrospective clinical audit design that involved a review of medical records of children who had surgery of the lower limb (Shrestha-Ranjit & Manias, 2010). The study reviewed other studies and surveys done on the subject of postoperative pain management in children. Data can be collected and analyzed. Clinical audits of pain documentation are an effective way of researching, other studies can be created, and surveys can be used. A conceptual model or framework was not identified by the researchers. This study is not based on a theory or conceptual model. The researchers researched the background, posed a research question, selected a design, a sample was chosen, an instrument was created, and then data was collected and analyzed. The basis of the study was not to test a hypothesis or theory, but to answer the research question. The sources listed in the references are dated from 1986 through 2008 (Shrestha-Ranjit & Manias, 2010). The majority of the references are journal articles. There was a hospital council and audit protocol reference also included. The references are extremely limited. There are other sources that could have been utilized like the American Medical Association and American Nursing Association. The literature reviewed by the researchers was organized into topics. The topics are pain assessment, pain management, and pain documentation. The literature review was followed a brief
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