Article Critique: Participant Perceptions of a Novel Physiotherapy Approach

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ARTICLE CRITIQUE: PARTICIPANT PERCEPTIONS OF A NOVEL PHYSIOTHERAPY APPROACH Name Class Professor University/Institution City, State Date Introduction Smith et al. (2012) explored the importance of the Blue prescription to inducing physical activity among people with multiple sclerosis. Although, the title of the study appears long, it is complete and accurate. Specifically, the title implies that the qualitative study was conducted on the participants after they received medical help in order to determine their perceptions of the Blue prescription as an intervention for enhancing levels of physical activity. Study Abstract An abstract refers to a brief summary of a concluded research. A proper abstract inspires the…show more content…
In this case, the interviewees were patients who had just received medical intervention to stem their condition of multiple sclerosis, with the main aim of the research being the modification of their perception to participate more in physical activity. In contrast, according to Burnard (1991), the primary limitation of the research based on a qualitative approach is that it lacks measurable numerical data. Methods: Sampling The researchers sampled 27 volunteers, who they believed represented an excellent diversity due to their metropolitan background. They (researchers) did utilize most of the socio-demographic aspects of the study sample such as age, sex, duration of MS in years, ethnicity, type of MS, and the level of mobility. Nonetheless, other details such as occupation, social class, education, income and marital status were lacking. The sampling would be stronger, had the researchers included the latter details in the work. The voluntary sampling process was appropriate because it mostly contributes to reliable outcomes (Burnard, 1991). However, the researchers did not fully indicate the sampling method; nevertheless, the inclusion criteria employed was justified because it offered the sampled persons a sense of ownership and the impetus to take part in the process more freely. Unlike other methods, the methodology provided first-hand data (Forchuk & Roberts, 1993). On the other hand, socio-demographic disparities among the sampled

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