Article Critique: Social Media As Community By Keith Hampton

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In the article "Social Media as Community", Keith Hampton argues that social media users are more likely to form stronger connections with confidants than the average American. Hampton acknowledges that many people in today's society are seeing the negative effects of social media, but he claims that the positive effect of building a powerful community outweighs those negative effects. Keith Hampton effectively persuades the readers of his opinion by using an informal tone, statistics, and the rhetorical triangle. Hampton creates a personal tone, which makes the audience connect with the article immediately. The article starts out by using first person pronouns, such as "I". By using this informal tone many readers are able to engage with the article on a more personal level. Instead of reading a boring academic paper, readers are pleasantly surprised to be reading an engaging blog-style paper. Once the readers are engaged, they are then more likely to consider a differing opinion.…show more content…
For instance, the informal tone sets up an emotional connection and sense of credibility. At the beginning of the article readers are able to make a personal connection with Hampton because of the article's point of view. Along with establishing pathos, the informal tone creates ethos. Throughout the article Hampton states many studies and articles he was a part of that focused on social media. For example, Hampton states, "I was lead author of an article . . . that found, based on a representative survey of 2,500 Americans . . . those who used social media had more close confidants" (Hampton, 2012). By making this statement Hampton is able to prove to his audience that he is creditable on the subject of social media. As mentioned before, the facts and studies established the logos of this article. Incorporating the rhetorical triangle into this article makes it have a persuasive and versatile

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